Friday, August 5, 2011

Totems: Gorilla

Gorillas are powerful apes with social behaviour, often seen in groups known as troops. With a keen sense of observation and great memories, it is the gorilla that will remember whom they can and cannot trust.
The gorilla totem asks a number of questions, one greatly relating to a single lesson. What role does one have within ones family? Each individual has a responsibility within a family, and the gorilla teaches that ones responsibility is important. Regardless of how small the responsibility is.
Many questions the gorilla asks is self and family orientated. Such as if one is being too materialistic and if ones family is suffering for being so. Questions that would be about the self and how family and friends are affected.
The importance of friends and family are what is told of by the gorilla totem. Family and friends are indeed important, especially to the gorilla. Such people are those who are cared for, loved, and the importance of them in ones life is what shouldn’t be forgotten.

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