Friday, August 19, 2011

Totems: Chipmunk

The chipmunk is a creature that is found in the parks of cities and in the wild. Curious creatures, the take time to explore what they comes across. Chipmunks are able to be on their own at only twelve weeks old.
Observation and appropriate movement is what this totem teaches. One can learn much by observing others, and the chipmunk knows this. Appropriate movement must be remembered at the same time. Is what one does in movement appropriate around people? Or is inappropriate movement causing issues?
The chipmunk teaches to store and save for a harsh day ahead, a rainy time. To protect oneself from future problems by protecting what will help deal with problems. It may be tempting to use ones resources elsewhere, but saving them now for future problems will save grief for when it comes. It may also be time to look at ones spending habits, for spending might be an issue undealt with.
This totem teaches to explore but to pay attention of how energy is being used. Is too much or too little energy being used? If so, what problems are arising from such? Is one left overly tired each day? Or is it that one has excess energy at the end of the day?
Truth and lies are either to be told, the chipmunk totem teaches to be able to tell what is being told. Is the truth being told? Or is it a lie? Take note of how their words are said, rather the words. It can tell plenty about the person, especially if it is words of truth or not.

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