Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gods And Goddesses: Fei Lian/Feng Bo

Fei Lian, also known as Fie Lien and Feng Bo is the god of the wind. He takes the form of a beast with the horns of a bull, a head of a sparrow, the body of a stag and the tail of a snake, this is where he is called Fei Lian or Fie Lien. But does come in the form of a winged dragon with the head of a stag and tail of a snake.. He also takes on human form, this is when is referred as Feng Bo.
He has a goatskin bag which allows for the use of wind and is a bit of a trouble maker. Also nicknamed as Uncle Wind and Elder of the Wind. Fei Lian has challenged the authority of Huangdi (or Yellow Emperor) while his reign, sending fogs and rain. However Huangdi’s daughter Ba dried up the rains with her powers and defeated Fei Lian.
His archrival is Houyi (also known as simply Yi). Fei Lian was causing storms that was uprooting crops and tearing down houses, which prompted Houyi to track down Fei Lian. When Fei Lian knew he was to be caught, he hid in his very own bag to which Houyi shot at with an arrow. It was after Fei Lian attempted to run from Houyi and got stuck on his knee that he promised to not cause troubles again.

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