Friday, August 12, 2011

Totems: Leopard

Leopards are creatures similar in appearance to the jaguar, and share similar lessons. Both are powerful creatures, the leopard being of focus. The leopard used to live in a huge range across the globe, and hence is known and thought of differently from culture to culture.
When the leopard totem comes into ones life, it is time to become more active and even aggressive. It might be that one is being too shy, being of not enough activity. Becoming more active and aggressive will be of a need, much to one might despise.
To have inner strength and perseverance is what the leopard takes note of, teaching the power of having such. To stay strong and to keep persevering is what the leopard gives importance, teaching how to have both.
A part of having inner strength and perseverance is to get past ones inner demons, even what haunts oneself. So the leopard totem teaches of defeating the inner demons and haunts of the self.
To feel around, to use ones instincts and not think. The leopard teaches this, especially of the use of instincts. Sensibilities should also be of use alongside instincts. While it is often thought of best to not use ones instincts, the leopard totem teaches otherwise.

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