Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gods And Goddesses: Suiren

Suiren, also spelt as Sui-Ren and known as Sui-Ren-Shi, Yen Di and Yen Ti, is the god who taught how to cook and to use fire.
He is also said to have been the discoverer of fire, and is whom got people to use fire to cook. He is one of the three rulers of China known as the San Huang (the first Fu Xi, second Shennong and the last is Suiren). He notably has three eyes and is bearded.
Originally a man who came from another land to China. Suiren feed all those who needed food, human and non-human. It was one day that he saw a bird, a woodpecker, that began pecking at a tree. At this moment he realised how to start a fire, by drilling a twig into a branch. However, upon learning this method of creating fire he didn’t know much of keeping and utilizing it. Over time it was however learnt.

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