Monday, August 8, 2011

20th Century Photographs

Going out place to place, amazing things can certainly be found. Markets can be a great source to be to find junk, even really worth while items. Go to a market and it is likely that one thing will catch an eye, it be of a small statue or a game.
I can say that fortune certainly went my way yesterday, for I went to a market itself and found three black and white photographs on their cardboard frames, the purchase was only $10. An amazing find for me, due to the interest in photography.
The three photographs may not sound much, but do have something to say both in the images and on the back of each. Two of them have a date on them and it is amazing these photographs are in such good conditions considering the age of them. It is a true wonder why the low price is there for all three.
I took a couple photos, of one of the photographs and what it says on the back of its frame. Indeed it says Xmas 1919, and another photograph purchased seems to be of the same young girl at least a year and a half earlier in February 1918.
Details of what had been purchased should have really been asked, it really could have told of the identities of the people photographed. Sadly, the seller may never been seen again, and it may have been that the very photographs were originally purchased from someone else before reaching my hands. It may never be known, but the mystery of the identity of the people photographed so long ago seems to be quite the allure to such photographs themselves.

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