Saturday, May 14, 2011

Totems: Zebra

It is the famous black and white creature that is of focus. Many people know of such a creature and take note of its appearance being similar to horses seen in the everyday life of some. It is the zebra which has such lessons as individuality and agility.

The stripes are black and white which tells of opposites, Yin and Yang essentially. The zebra teaches how one should balance such opposites in one’s life.
The zebra also teaches another stripe related lesson, which is of individuality. Although zebras use their stripes to hide in the herd and make it difficult one another, every zebra has a unique pattern. It is the zebra that teaches to be a individual and a productive part of one’s community.

It is this totem that tells to question not only illusion but also reality. Questioning is not always a bad thing, it can be very much a good experience to allow curiosity to ask what one wants to know.

Agility over strength is key in success as the zebra would say. Agility is useful, it can be used to trick and to fool, to bring success and to escape. Strength is not always the way to go, it can very much be agility that proves much needed.

Offerings to the zebra can include bark, leaves, grass (green or dry) and shrubbery with water being a good offering alongside.

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