Saturday, May 28, 2011


Cancer is the fourth sign seen in the zodiac. A ‘cardinal’ sign, a sign which is considered feminine and negative. Cancer is represented by a crab, its element being of water and ruler being of the moon. Those who are Cancer are born between June 22nd and July 22nd. The colour of Cancer is silver and the stone being of pearl.
Those who are Cancer tend to be self-protective people, tending to be quite sensitive. While Cancer people tend to be the kind to be overemotional they are also quite loving. Intuitive and imaginative in nature, such people can be the very people to go to for help.
Cancer people are high in loyalty and dependability, making great friends. Although it should be noted that there is also the factor of being clingy and moody. It is the Cancer that are fragile beings while at the same time complex and unpredictable. Such a sign is a mysterious one.
Such jobs that are good for Cancer are journalism, gardening and even sailing. It is due to the adaptability of these people that allows them to have a varying array of jobs.

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