Friday, May 20, 2011

Totems: Unicorn

A much loved mythical creature is the unicorn. A horse like creature with blue eyes, a white body and a half meter long horn coming out of the middle of their forehead. This totem is both powerful and gentle.
The blood and horn of such a creature is said to have great healing properties, to which the unicorn teaches to develop. One’s healing ability may not be that great as it used to be, or used at all, and should be used to help improve it to benefit others.
The horn of the unicorn symbolizes the third eye opening and teaches to have self exploration and meditation to help open the third eye. To do what benefit’s to opening one’s third eye.
Being strong yet having wisdom is of the unicorn. Many are strong but lack wisdom or vice versa, the unicorn teaches to balance the two. The unicorn teaches to have strength and wisdom at the same time, with the two being a great combo.

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