Friday, May 6, 2011

Totems: Pigeon

Pigeons are common creatures to come across and many do live very much close to such a creature. For some, pigeons are a bird seen frequently and its easy to forget that they are around.

For lessons, the pigeon teaches about looking back at one’s heritage, one’s roots. Family is important and knowing the heritage of the family is something worthwhile, as there are many stories to learn from one’s ancestors.

Of heritage and family, one should feel secure with one’s family, safe. Family is whom anyone should be able to go to. Maybe getting together with family more often is needed, or bettering one’s relationships with family is of use. Whatever the case, family is whom one should be able to go to.

Pigeons have a great ability to get back home. Such a totem teaches of finding our way back when lost, to remember the way we came.

Such a creature is one with the power of adaptability. People try to get rid of pigeons, yet they don’t disappear. This is due to the pigeons ability to adapt and deal with the problems thrown at them. With the pigeon teaching of adaptability, to deal with the problems thrown around.

As people try to rid of the pigeon, people also go around saying pigeons are disease ridden when this is not true. It is due to this that the pigeon tells that all words heard are not of truth, words can be of lies.

Offerings to the pigeon would likely consist of grains. Rice, split peas and buckwheat make good offerings. Pigeons are known to drink right after eating, so water makes good offering to go alongside any food.

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