Friday, May 27, 2011

Totems: Rhinoceros

The rhinoceros, or as it is simply called, rhino, is a powerful creature. Large and powerful, it is a creature not to mess about with. Two horned rhinos are of Africa while single horned rhinos are of Asia.
To not judge others solely appearance alone is important. A person can appear fearsome but it doesn’t mean the person is fearsome, just as a person can appear to be fragile but can be a tough character. Hence the importance of to not judge on appearance and is one of many of what the rhino teaches.
The rhino teaches to trust one’s own inner wisdom. To look at the wisdom picked up during life and use it at the present time.
Teaching of the need to work more often alone or with others is another lesson, depending on one’s situation. One may need to work more often or less often with others. The rhino teaches it might just be time to work more often with others or in solitude.
To be comfortable alone is another lesson. Although the rhino teaches of how it might just be time to work with others more often, to be in comfort in solitude is much what the rhino tells about. To enjoy the time alone, to enjoy the peace and quiet associated with solitude.

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