Wednesday, May 18, 2011


From 29th of May to the 14th of June, it is the two week period of the rune called Othila. The same rune that rules over the hour of 10:30 to 11:30. The god which is of this rune is Odin and the meaning of it being of ‘rulership’, ‘nobility’ and ‘loyalty’, ‘prince’ is even said to be a meaning.
The hawthorn tree and the clover is what represents Othila, with royalty being much related also. It is no wonder why this rune is related to royalty due to its meaning. Loyalty to one’s monarch is something of Othila also.
In divination and when upright, Othila tells of how unimportant traditions will become important and how something will stand the test of time itself. Othila gives the message of loyalty and of its true meaning, how loyalty is important even to family. Issues for children will be of good fortune.
Inverted, rather than loyalty being around, disloyalty is likely around. Fights over money and status is likely, even over inheritance. A loss is of likely chance.

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