Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Dagaz is the last rune of the twenty-four, and is traditionally the rune of the summer solstice with the fortnight of the 14th to 29th of June. Its ruling hour is 11:30 to 12:30, deities Heimdall and Loki, plus a rune of happiness.
The meaning of Dagaz is ‘midsummer’ and ‘beginning and ending’, with Dagaz representing noon. ‘Daylight’ is said to be another meaning, with Dagaz being the symbol of the sun at full strength. The herb sage and the rowan tree are the plants of Dagaz.
Dagaz has no inverted symbol is when it appears it tells of prosperity with the suggestion of soon to be major changes. Telling of not only a possible major change or two, there is also of wonderful new experiences with fun, and a burst of activity being likely also.
Dagaz speaks out at how if there has been a period of waiting that is signifies an end of an era and thus a beginning of a new one.
A secret or two may appear, as a time of frustration means new information appearing when it was hidden elsewhere. More time to explore may be evident, making a good time to actually check out what’s new or what couldn’t be checked out earlier.

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