Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Inguz is the rune that looks very much two X’s together. Its fortnight is from 14th May to 29th of May with the ruling hour of 9:30 to 10:30. The deity of Inguz is Frey, fitting as Frey is the god of fertility and this rune means fertility.
Boars and cuckoo are creatures of Inguz. Plant wise it is the apple tree, and rosemary.

When this rune is drawn, there is one meaning it tells of as it has no inverted meaning. It tells of concern with the health, fertility and well being of men. An indication of this rune is of a new job or if there is no new job, considerable change for the better.

Turning away from situations is what Inguz tells, but only if such situations are leading to nowhere. If there’s a problem going on, being able to get away from the problem is not all that far.
Inguz tells it may just be the time to go on holiday, just as it may be the time to get rid of any rubbish and tidy up the house.

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