Monday, May 9, 2011

I need to stop watching so much television

When one just keeps on going with life, it does get a little hard to focus on what goes on around. Watching the news, nothing truly gives appeal nor is there many a reason to watch. The only actual reason to watch seems to be to find out the local weather for the next day or two.

As much as people do enjoy hearing about politics, celebrities and sport none of the above takes an interest to me. Appealing how politics, celebrities and sport seems to be the majority of news reported (or its just a certain someone not paying enough attention to the television).Sport? Nothing special, it is one of those things to get involved in rather to sitting and watching. Celebrities? Does anyone really need to hear about such ‘news’ as Lindsay Lohan being a petty thief? Politics? Personally not a fan of it.

Maybe its time a newspaper is picked up for once.

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