Saturday, May 21, 2011


From the 21st of May to June 21st, the third sign of the zodiac rules. It is Gemini, also known as ‘The Twins’. Gemini is considered a sign that is masculine, positive, of the air element, and one of the four ‘mutable’.
The planet of Gemini is Mercury, colour being green and birthstone agate.
Those who are Gemini are the kind of people who enjoy talking with others and dislikes being alone. Adaptive, versatile, communicative and an intellectual, yet also a superficial person who is known to be nervous and tense. These are the traits of the Gemini.
Such people tend to be both cunning and witty, Gemini are the kind of people who are a source of information. These people love to stay in touch with friends, family and neighbours but it is their sarcasm which should be noted.
Jobs that require creativity and imagination are suggested jobs of this sign. Jobs of a communicative nature are great for those who are Gemini. Being an interpreter, announcer, journalist or professor are ideas for the Gemini.

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