Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Laguz, the rune that means ‘spiritual love’. The gods of Laguz is of safe harbours, Njord and Nerthus, while the hour 8:30 to 9:30 and fortnight 29th April to 14th of May.

A rune of water and of tides, as one could possibly tell from simply knowing the gods of Laguz.
The otter and seal is the animals of this rune, with seagull and cormorant specifically birds. The tree of Laguz, the willow, is also well known to be often found at the banks of lakes and streams which even further connects Laguz with water.
Upright, Laguz is said to be of a swelling tide. On the other hand, when Laguz is inverted it is said to mean the ebb.

In divination and upright, Laguz signifies deep spiritual love and is a good omen if the divination is about someone’s relationship. Even if one’s love life isn’t that great, Laguz tells that things shall come good.
Material good fortune and success is even of the upright Laguz, however, it may be of some time before getting such good fortune and success.

Inverted, indication of being too assertive is what‘s given. Keeping calm and patient is what Laguz tries to tell.

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