Thursday, February 10, 2011


Sage is a popular herb to be used and has many uses which may be why it is popular. With working in magic this herb makes a good choice and sage is helpful for long life, healing, prosperity, and protection. Sage is associated with the planet Jupiter and it is said that eating sage makes one more wise and even immortal.

Sage is also popular to use as a smudge stick, seeing as sage is of great use for cleansing areas. It is even smudge sticks made of dried sage that many go to seeing as it is said to help to deal with ghosts whom are being a nuisance.

Sage absorbs negativity and misfortune, when carried promotes not only protection but also wisdom and it drives away disturbances and tensions. As an incense it is great for protection and purifying areas. Sage itself is great for strength and courage.

Sage is also used to make tea where sage tea was popular in Middle Age Europe. Sage tea does have its uses, it can be used to help relieve the discomfort of measles, dizziness, colds and headaches.
Gargling with common sage tea is itself for strengthening gums and keeping teeth white.
While sage tea is nice it shouldn’t be drunk too much as a large amount of sage tea can be toxic.

Sage leaves has been used in culinary recipes for many years and is a natural food flavouring. The leaf of a sage can help with a number of things: indigestion, lack of appetite, oral inflammation and sore throats.

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