Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Nauthiz is the rune that may have been the origin for crossing one’s own fingers for luck and looks very much like the letter X.

Nauthiz is the rune with the meaning of necessity in which the very rune is described in The Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem as ‘oppressive to the heart yet often proves a help and is the salvation of the children of men who heed it in time’.
Nauthiz itself means ‘need’.

This rune is associated with rowan and beech trees, one of the Norns (goddesses of fate), specifically the Norn of the future, Skuld, and the letter N.

When this rune appears upright it warns of doubt and insecurity, but also warning to tell of the necessity of action from oneself. Nauthiz tells of recognizing one’s own limitations, as this rune tells that pushing oneself too hard will be of little use during the time being.
Downside to seeing this rune upright in a casting Nauthiz is that the time being is likely to not be pleasant, however, luck is coming soon.

When inverted in a casting, Nauthiz suggests that forthcoming events will be hard to tell and one may have a lack of sense of direction. While inverted Nauthiz does warn of friends who are not really friends and scams, but in its inverted form this rune that the answer of whatever question one may have is simply unknown.

The fortnight of Nauthiz is from November 13th to November 28th with its hour being from 21:30 to 22:30.

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