Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gods And Goddesses: Lu

Out of the San Xing I have made posts on two of them specifically, Shou and Fu. This is of the third member of the San Xing, Lu, whom is also known as God of Prosperity. Lu’s name is said to mean “official’s salary” and to be the god who blessed intellectuals with a position in civil service.

Lu is the god of wealth, honour and status, and has the symbol of the stag. Often depicted holding a gold ingot, child or scroll, all symbols of prosperity.

Originally, Lu was a poor man of the name Shi Fen who was given a minor position at court as a scholar. Working hard along with constantly learning to hopefully gain a high position, he became a favourite of Emperor Jing and was made a high official of the royal court. Thanks to Emperor Jing, Lu and his family prospered.

Legend states that Lu descends from Heaven on the first day of the Chinese New Year to inspect his followers and goes back to Heaven on the second day. Due to this, many offer incense to Lu and eat dumplings on the first day and burn an image of Lu on the second day as a way to say farewell.

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