Friday, February 18, 2011

Totems: Duck

Ducks are known for being a diverse group of waterfowl, with it not being uncommon for males and females to have not only different coloured feathers but also different vocal sounds.

The duck teaches that at times going to a place that makes one feel safe and comfortable is a good thing. Even ducks go to places where they feel safe and comfortable, returning to their safe haven multiple times.

The duck is the creature that teaches to get in touch with one’s own emotions for the purpose of getting into a calmer state. Rather then ignore emotions or pay little attention to emotions, the duck teaches to embrace emotions, to take a good look at one’s emotions.

Ducks are social creatures who teaches that being with not only family, also friends, is important and that getting back to one’s roots can be of benefit.
Ducks do teach to live in the now and not to worry about one’s past trouble including with one’s own family.

As offerings to the duck, there is quite a few things one can offer to this animal. Ducks are omnivores and for meat will eat small fish, insects, worms, small frogs and snails, for vegetation there is the occasional seeds, corn, peas and grass. One can offer duck food from a feed store and even tiny stones occasionally.

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