Monday, February 21, 2011

North Africa And Midde East Riots

I am not much of a news person, I admit that. I do watch the news in the morning but at times I don’t hear much of current events in the world. One thing I didn’t hear much of but tried to keep current on was the protests that happened in Egypt, now there’s even more protests but in different countries within North Africa and even the Middle East.

I’m hearing of riots and protesting in Iran, Libya, Bahrain and Yemen, I even heard that as many as 200 protesters have been killed in Libya on the news this morning. Australians have been apparently told to leave Libya due to a risk of civil war.

People have been quiet about this, probably still wrapping their heads around what is going on. I personally didn’t hear one person make a mention of the riots today, I’ve barely heard a thing of what is going on myself.

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