Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Pronounced  as ‘Har-ghawl-arz’ or ’Haw-gaw-laws’ and the English equivalent of it is the letter H, Hagalaz is the rune when reversed looks exactly the same.

Hagalaz translates to hail with its colour being light blue and element water. Associated gods of this rune is Urd and Loki along with a association with the gem onyx and to the ash tree.

The hours of Hagalaz is 20:30 to 21:30 with the time period of this rune being the 28th of October to the 13th   of November.

Runes are at times used as talismans, Hagalaz is a talisman for removing unwanted influences and a seemingly never ending cycle of destruction.

It is this rune that suggests misfortune and disruption, even of an event that can come as a shock or surprise. An unexpected change may happen, however, over time a positive outcome may be realized after much negativity.
Challenges are what may come along, to which must be faced head on and the greater the challenger the more to be gained in overcoming it.

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