Friday, February 11, 2011

Totems: Dragon

Dragons come in many forms, with its forms found from land to land it does have a number of lessons to teach. On the plus side, thanks to being much loved creature by children and adults alike the dragon seems to enjoying a time of being known for its strength and power rather then being thought of as evil.

Dragons are the creatures of primordial power, even said to be the ruler over the elements, dragons also have a magical side to them due to their mythological association. It is the dragon that teaches the power of magic and the great use of it. It is this creature that also teaches the power of the elements, too, the elements are after all powerful.

The dragon teaches the greatness of strength and courage. Both strength and courage are what one need more of, and there are multiple ways to increase one’s strength such as doing martial arts.

Balance is also taught which goes well with the lesson of strength. Balance isn’t always about being able to stay standing as it can be also about a balance of work and leisure time amongst many things one may have to balance in one form or another.

The dragon tells the usefulness of ancient wisdom, to be wise of the now ancient past, while being knowledgeable amongst other topics.

With such a totem one may get stumped to what to offer a dragon, depending on the kind of dragon it can include either meat or fruits, maybe both or even ashes from a fire.

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