Friday, February 4, 2011

Totems: Rat

The rat in western society has a bad reputation due to the plague that ravaged Europe, but this small creature as a totem has great lessons.

Adaptability is a major lesson of the rat seeing the importance of being able to adapt. It is the rat who has become a successful animal thanks to its adaptability, helping it survive well both in rural and urban environments. An ability to deal with change and adapt is what this lovely little creature is great at and for one’s own survival adaptability will prove highly useful.

Resourcefulness are also a lesson of the rat, as its needed to deal with various problems one may and will come across during their life. The rat uses it resourcefulness to its advantage as much as possible, and a part of the reason rats are still around is due to their great resourcefulness that they put into use.

Survival is what one may call an unusual lesson but it proves its worth. The rat is known to survive in all sorts of conditions and those with a rat as their totem are said to be survivors. When many rats are around in an area people do set traps and place poison for rats, the thing is that if one gets in a trap or eats poison the rat communicates to the other rats not to fall for the trap or to eat the poison. It is in this way it is not survival just for itself, but for others too.

Offerings to the rat can include many things. Fruits, grains, and vegetables to name a few. It all comes down to what is enjoyed.

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