Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cat Grass

Cat Grass is a plant that gives cats essential vitamins and minerals, which can easily be missing from their diets if spent indoors. For cats, it is eaten for its nutritional value and is known to be suitable to be fed to dogs, guinea pigs and rabbits.

The botanical name of cat grass is Dactylis glomerata and is an annual which fruits in late summer. It is also a frost tender plant which can be grown within small containers. At 7-10cm, cat grass is ready to be consumed and be used as a distraction from nibbling on houseplants.

If grown indoors, the seeds can be sown all year round and do not have to worry about frost. However, as a plant growing indoors it needs to be placed by a well lit window and turned daily. Grown outdoors, sowing is to occur within spring, summer or autumn. Cat grass grown outdoors should be kept out of both full sun and shade, where it is best grown in semi-shade.

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