Sunday, December 25, 2011

Certain Time of The Year

It being that time of the year, the usual post is not here. Huzzah! It being Christmas, I was going to take a Christmas related photograph for a certain other blog. Loveliest part, I have yet to mention the fact I have been doing the 365 Project on this blog for the last two months since I have started. This certainly goes to show that I can be lazy.

Problem is, I didn’t take a photo of anything Christmas related for the 365 Project, but rather of a gourd. Why a gourd? I told myself, “I’ll take a photo of this gourd, so at least I have taken a photo for the 365 Project.” Good thing, as I got lazy with taking a Christmas themed photo.

With the gourd I photographed, a day or two ago I decided to shake the gourds I have which are of process of drying. One made a rattling sound; one gourd has finished drying and just before Christmas. It still needs a cleaning, yes. When it will be cleaned, have the top of it cut off and its innards taken out I am not sure. Regardless of what happened to this gourd, I’ll probably simply turn to referring it as “The Christmas Gourd”. Will it serve as a reminder to not be lazy? Possibly, it’s certainly not unlikely.

As for how Christmas has been, it has been a simple day yet nice in its own way, with it coming to a close in Australia I happen to live in the area where it has begun raining within the last hour. The storm shall bring plenty of rain and loud thunder, but it is better to get rain over a overly hot day.

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