Friday, December 9, 2011

Totems: Monkey

See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil. That is a saying greatly associated with the monkey, with this creature being viewed differently from culture to culture. India has its own monkey god, Hanuman. China on the other hand, has Sun Wukong. Both are well known to the world.

The monkey as a totem teaches to not spread rumours and to not be quick to judge what is seen. What is seen is not always as it seems, nor are rumours something of certain fact. Rumours and judging isn’t the way to go.

To observe surroundings and allow expression of interest of one’s environment is not a bad thing. The monkey knows it can be useful. Taking interest and observing is a good way to learn, as not all that is told with words are the best way to learn.

Looking at both the lighter and darker sides of life is not of all negativity. Just as there is a kind world, a cruel world is also all around. The monkey knows and teaches to look at both, not just one side or the other.

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