Monday, December 19, 2011

Mourning Ravens

Ravens aren’t the most uncommon sight as I have learnt. They are able to live well in urban areas and on occasion it is quite possible to get close to one or two. As ravens have taken to the urban environment, so have the risks of being within one.

Sadly, a part of life in an urban environment is being careful with vehicles. It is not even uncommon for birds to accidently not get out of the way of a vehicle in time, and sadly today it seems to have happened to a raven.

Upon a street light a number of ravens were upon a street light cawing, even with one or two with their wings extended. It was as if they were mourning the death of a fellow raven killed by a vehicle on the road, although just safety upon a street light where they would unlikely be disturbed by walking pedestrian or vehicle. The ravens were loud with their cawing and constant, a thing which catches your attention. A sight that may not be rare, but it remains unusual and thought provoking.

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