Friday, December 16, 2011

Totems: Dog

Dogs are known for their various breeds and even high amount of loyalty to their owners. Throughout the various breeds of this animal, lessons of this totem are highly similar although breeds may teach lessons specific to its breed.

Being an animal of loyalty, the dog teaches loyalty to those trusted and to do what possible for those loyal towards. Loyalty often comes hand-in-hand with companionship and being a needed companion to those one is loyal to is also taught.

The dog totem asks to look at the qualities of the self. What qualities are needed to be worked on? Is one judgmental or forgiving? What of being faithful and loving? Do such qualities need to be worked upon themselves?

To show kindness and love even in the likes of mistreatment may be difficult, but it is often the best way to respond as the dog tells. Being weary of others taking advantage of one’s kindness and love should still exist, for there is always that one person willing to abuse the kindness and love of others.

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