Friday, December 30, 2011

Totems: Horse

The horse are known for their speed and racing capacities. Strength comes along with this large creature, where it is able to send a kick that could easily send a person into unconsciousness or worse.

As a powerful creature, it teaches to go into new directions, to learn what is there; to learn one’s own power within, one’s own freedoms. As one learns one’s own power and freedoms, it is also taught by the horse to ask if one is able or need to move and if one is allowing others to do so.

Horses are social beings, knowing that team work and learning from others whom one works with. The horse totem teaches the power of working together, of how it makes a load easier to deal with. As working with others also allows for learning oppurtunities, the horse tells of how gaining knowledge is a positive outcome from working with others.

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