Friday, July 8, 2011

Totems: Toad

Toads aren’t the most loved of creatures. It is small and comes in many forms, all which many don’t even want to touch. While on the other hand, toads are seen as creatures of luck.
The toad totem teaches the need of self-examination, to question if one is hesitating when there are opportunities, if fear is preventing progress. It is such questions that will need to be asked of oneself, as this totem tells, as there is much to benefit from correcting ones mistakes.
Adaptation to the situations around is important for survival. The toad gives lessons on adaptation and how there is a need for it. Adaptation may be needed suddenly, it is may be gradual, yet certainly needed regardless.
While adaptation is there, the power of inner-strength and of resources are there. To keep going is what the toad teaches, to have plenty of inner-strength. Resources should be used well rather wasted, as many forget.

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