Friday, July 15, 2011

Totems: Cougar

The cat of North America is the cougar, which has multiple names that includes mountain lion and puma. Cougars have high adaptability, allowing for life in a number of environments.
Leadership is an important lesson of this totem. The cougar warns against the abuse of power when in leadership, while also of how all are able to be leaders in some way. In overall leadership this totem teaches, it is also taught to take responsibility in leadership.
Power and balance is of another two lessons, to use it properly. Cougar teaches to use power with strength and compassion, but also to balance such power carefully. There is a need for such balance of power.
Relating to the lesson of leadership, the cougar teaches to assert oneself and take control of one’s life to be able to become leaders. The use of the natural flow of the environment is also taught, to be able to get into a position of leadership.

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