Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Silver Princess

Eucalyptus caesia is the botanical name of this popular Australian ornamental. It is a tree great for small gardens, typically growing between six to nine metres tall for the subspecies caesia and up to fifteen metres for the subspecies magna. This plant is native to Western Australia and rare in the wild.
The bark is brown , pealing in narrow and curling strips revealing a pale under surface. White powder that covers the plant gives the common name of ‘Silver Princess’. This plant is also drought and frost tolerant.
Its flowers are large with its colours typically pink to red, with flower flowers possible. Flowering occurs in winter and spring, with the size of such flowers being up to 50mm. After flowering, roughly 30mm urn shaped pods are forms that can cause branches to bend excessively. If one can open the pods, this will allow the seeds to be obtained and grown.
Full sun and partial shade is what this slow growing plant enjoys. Loam to clay soil is what this plant grows within, although the clay soil will have to be well drained. Hot temperatures and low humidity is what Eucalyptus caesia best grows within. Notably, acidic soil is what this plant will grow in, although it can also grow in slightly alkaline soil.
This plant can also be grown in containers if wished.

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