Friday, July 22, 2011

Totems: Pig/Boar

Pigs are loved for their meat, yet are creatures who have gained a dislike by many. Boars lack the bad name of the pig, yet the two as totems teach the same thing.
The pig and boar warns of selfishness and overindulgence. The material world may be tempting, it may be great, yet trying to get as much as possible or indulging often is not the way to go. One should be avoiding being selfish and overindulgent.
Being more generous might be needed as it is taught. One may not being generous enough, it may be selfishness itself preventing a lack of a generous nature, or a lack of showing one’s generous side when possible.
A look at ones image of oneself may also need to be checked out. Greater understanding of the subtleties of life may also be needed.

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