Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chocolate Vine

Chocolate Vine is also known by its botanical name of Akebia longeracemosa. It has vigorous growth that allows it grow three to five metres tall and three metres wide. It is a climber described by some as a shrub. This makes it a great plant to have grow across a fence or up a tree.
This plant needs to be grown where there is either full sun or a light shade and before hot conditions thorough watering will be needed. Tender to frost, this evergreen is best suited to cool and temperate areas. Its purple flowers tend to be scented with vanilla. The flowers hang in dangling bunches called racemes.
Akebia longeracemosa has longer leaflets and racemes then other Akebia. Common amongst Akebia is the love of deep fertile soil and having to worry little about pests or disease.

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