Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lu Ban

Lu Ban, also called Lu Pan, is the god of carpenters, construction, builders, contractors and masons. He was born in the Chinese state of Lu, with his name being Gongshu Ban. This god is best known as a great civil engineer and craftsman.
When born, it is said that a flock of cranes flew above his home and with a fragrance full within the house. Lu Ban also talked of the Tao during his lifetime and today his festival falls of the thirteenth day of the sixth month of the lunar calendar.
When young, Lu Ban was interesting in such things as sculptures. When older he learnt carpentry, stone carving and related skills. Lu Ban notably went on to create inventions, which Lu Ban has been credited to inventing the shovel, the ruler a siege ladder known as a cloud ladder, grappling hooks and ram for use in naval warfare and the wooden bird which could stay I the sky for three days.

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