Friday, July 29, 2011

Totems: Bear

Bears are fierce creatures. They are terrifying and powerful, on the other hand the females make fantastic mothers, caring greatly for their cubs. Bears are well known for their hibernation during the winter, and although bears come in multiple forms, such as the Asiatic black bear and the brown bear, their lessons are very similar.
Family values, especially of the relationship between mother and child, is taught by the bear. Bears are indeed devoted mothers, teaching their children to forage for food and protecting them from harm. While males are not much mentioned, the importance of teaching the younger generation is there where males can give plenty of help.
Bears are associated with the moon, even said to have many legends surrounding their relationship to the moon. The bear totem itself teaches of the power of lunar magic, of the uses.
To go deep within ones self and awaken the potential all have is what the bear teaches. To continue to grow, to allow development to be another contributing factor. The bear teaches it lies within all, that it can awaken.
One may need to set aside resources during the slower cycles within their life. The bear teaches that certain resources need to be set aside at times, even unexpectedly. It can be a number of things that gets set aside such as time and money.

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