Saturday, July 23, 2011


Pisces, being the two fish is the twelfth and finial sign of the zodiac. This sign is of the water element, with it being one of the four mutable signs. Neptune is the planet of this sign, while moonstone the stone.
Those who are Pisces are born between February 20th ad March 20th.
People who are Pisces are imaginative people with a compassionate and kind side to them. A sensitive and sympathetic side is also of Pisces, yet can be weak-willed people who can be overly secretive and vague in speech.
Gentle in nature, Pisces are easygoing people who can be submissive and easily led. These people can be best described as no threat to those stronger in character. Pisces are whom are more concerned with problems of others than their own.
Ideas can easily be understood by Pisces, and in relationships lack an egotistical side giving more then asking.
Working, Pisces works best on their own. Being a secretary or bookkeeper can be the right job for people of this sign, or rather a nurse or veterinary. Pisces also has a creative side, which is great if they wish to be a detective or caterer.

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