Friday, November 26, 2010

Totems: Kookaburra

The lovely kookaburra, who doesn’t know what they are? They are well known for being carnivorous, but better known for their laughter. They can become tame and if you are lucky like me, you will even get to feed a kookaburra. Kookaburras are quite social and mate for life.

Laughter is a great form of healing, even when forced. It helps with bonding and getting through tough times, the power of laughter is a lesson worth learnt from the kookaburra totem. The power of healing is another lesson. Healing can take many forms, and that is the great part of it, laughter just happens to be a part of it.

But another lesson from this totem is about family. While kookaburras mate for life, their children even help when more offspring are born. Family is important, you can go to them for help or vice versa. Every member of the family member needs a responsibility. Harmony and being a good sibling are also lessons.

Focus is another lesson, as it is focus that it is needed such as for a short amount of time for whatever it is to succeed, wether it be photographing, hunting or using tools (such as a hammer or a needle). Focusing and being alert can help greatly to see opportunities around you, and this can be a great help.

The kookaburra is a part of the kingfisher family but interestingly lives in woodlands, so while you would offer food such as fish to other species of kingfisher the kookaburra may prefer insect, worm, snake, lizard and even chicken meat.

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