Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Usually when I hear the mention of jade I think of the gemstone that is said to bring luck when carried around. Jade itself is a symbol of purity and serenity, while also the ancient symbol of love. Jade also inspires the mind to make quick and precise decisions. When carved into the shape of a scarab, jade is said to bring the owner a long and prosperous life.

Wearing jade while gardening improves the health of the plants, with small pieces of jade buried around the perimeter of the garden is for the same purpose.
It is also worn for protection when doing defensive magical work. When placed under one’s pillow it is said to help in lucid dreaming. Jade also helps create peace, harmony, tranquillity through emotional turmoil. Jade itself have the powers to bring healing, longevity, protection, wisdom, money and prosperity, but to also aid in meditation.

Jade does quite a lot, but it is just to show the magical properties of jade. Jade itself is sacred to the Mayans and Chinese, even said to bless everything it touches. Chinese tradition says that jade symbolizes the five virtues of humanity (wisdom, compassion, justice, modestly and courage) and symbols for these virtues have been carved into jade. In China it has been believed that jade protected infants and certain jade designs warded off evil. Confucius himself saw jade as the symbols of harmony, humanity, intelligence and justice.

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