Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nature Can Be Weird Sometimes

What can I say? I have two compost bins which are in use, and I noticed a young oak growing out one though a hole at the side. I took it out from that very hole and planted it in a large pot that was unused. Later I checked the same compost bin and it turned out there was a couple more oaks growing in there. I actually picked up the compost bin and moved it nearby so I could get these oaks out with some soil but ended up finding a numbr of oaks growing in total darkness.

In total I found twelve oaks, most of them were growing completely in soil with no light. Because of this lack of light most lacked leaves completely. I planted ten in small-medium sized pots and one in a bottle filled with water. Leaving only one in a large pot due to only having one such a size.

I am happy that I have had so many oaks grow, but originally when I planted fifty plus acorns only fifteen actually grew roots and by mid-winter I thought that the acorns that didn’t grow at all weren’t going to grow at all.

The shells of the acorns that I cracked opened and checked showed that the acorns were getting eaten by tiny white insects, so I simply put all these acorns that haven’t grown into a compost bin and now several months later some acorns have been found well and healthy.

Seeing as all these oaks have been planted it is just a matter of them surviving being transplanted. But what I find amazing is that I never expected acorns out of all things to start growing while under a number of inches of soil. Honestly, if I had known this was to happen, I would have left all of those acorns in the pots they originally were in.

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