Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chinese Zodiac: Tiger

The Tiger is the third animal to appear in the Chinese zodiac with the ruling hours of 3AM to 5AM, the direction of East-Northeast, the colours of green and red the gemstone of diamond and the month of February. The motto of the tiger is “I win.” and we are currently in the year of the tiger, starting from the 15th of February and ending the 2nd of February of next year.

Tigers are born leaders who are noble and fearless, but also have courage. They are daring fighters who will fight what they think is right. Tigers are capable of generosity even if they are selfish time to time.

These people are unpredictable and always tense, and as I once read them being described, “tempestuous yet calm, warm-hearted yet fearsome”. Tigers are highly confident, even to a point of being too confident.

Hard working and urgent, Tigers usually choose to work alone. Tigers are the one’s who if you give a job will do it with efficiency yet are the one‘s who don‘t find worth in neither power or money.

They are emotional and sensitive and capable of great love thanks to their passionate and romantic way, yet Tigers are territorial and possessive.

It is also worth mentioning Tigers competitive behaviour, who won’t pass up a challenge, especially when honour is at risk, either that or they are trying to protect their loved one’s.

The allies of the Tiger is the Horse and Dog, while their ‘secret friend’ is Pig.

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