Friday, November 19, 2010

Totems: Crocodile

Good ol’ crocodiles, they are quite the survivor. Despite its small brain, the crocodile quite intelligent and do have keen senses as well as surviving a long time in the earths history, making them symbols of knowledge and wisdom.
Crocodiles also live on land by the water and in the water, so it is can be said that where it lives is a bridge between the two elements of earth and water.

The crocodile is of destruction, violently ripping up prey before eating it up, yet also creation in the carefulness the mother gives when dealing with its eggs and hatchlings, helping bringing forth the new generation.

Stealth, cunning and power are all needed for the capture of its prey. Stealth to be able to get close enough to prey, cunning to know when to attack and power to be able to kill. Patience is the key for the crocodile in its hunting as it may be many a day before it eats again. All four of stealth, cunning, power and patience are lessons of the crocodile.

Endurance is certainly a lesson to learn from the crocodile totem, to endure without food for days, even months I’ve heard, is what crocodiles do along with surviving injuries that would surely kill any man. Such a lesson can be a harsh one, but a worthwhile one.

Offerings to the crocodile can include fish, chicken and beef, but also other kinds of meat such as kangaroo. The crocodile isn’t fussy with meals, as it doesn’t need much to survive and after all, a good meal is a good meal.

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