Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gods And Goddesses: Atlatonan

Ah… finally, I am doing something about a goddess. Atlatonan/Atlatonin, said to be a mother goddess, but also goddess of earth, water, the coast/seaboard, lepers and disease. A patron of whom who have been born with physical deformities and those who suffered from open sores. Atlatonan is also thought be the one who caused such deformities and sores.

Atlatonan is also known as the "Daughter of Tlaloc" and said to have been ritually drowned to the Aztec rain god, Tlaloc.

A goddess who was honoured with a flaying-sacrifice. The god Tezcatlipoca was in fact married to Atlatonan along with three other goddesses (Xochiquetzal, Xilonen and Huixtocihuatl). Atlatonan, along with Xochiquetzal, Xilonen and Huitocihuatl, represented what is known as the physical pleasures of life, sexual life, food, drink and salt.

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