Saturday, November 13, 2010

Chinese Zodiac: Ox

The Ox is the second animal to appear in the Chinese zodiac. February is said to be the month of the Ox, their colour violet, their time is from 1:00AM to 3:00AM. Their gemstones are said to be jade and their direction north-northeast. The latest year of the Ox was 26 January 2009 to 14th February 2010, with those born under that year being known as Earth Ox’s.

Ox people are hard working and persistent, someone who is strong and determined but also stubborn. Ox’s are responsible, dependable and loyal making them great friends, but also said to be very close with family. After all, those born under the year of the Ox are said to be kind and caring souls filled with common sense.

However, Ox’s have a large temper and can be both ruthless and unforgiving.
Ox people are not very sociable and are said to rarely participate in group activities, and there will be much searching for the Ox for the perfect person. Ox’s make good leaders and are self-disciplined.
The Snake and Rooster are the Ox’s allies with the Rat as the ‘secret friend’.

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