Thursday, November 18, 2010


It was bound that I would do a little spring cleaning in my bedroom, seeing as I needed to get rid of the cluster. The extra space in the one room is great, as it is important in itself to not have much cluster.
One’s personal space is needed, just as we have space for a television or a bed and having little cluster helps in this.

Having things clustered might be a great idea to save space in a room, but it may make it difficult to get to a certain item or two in that cluster. A cluster may be positioned in a way that it is easy to knock several things over in a go or be that large it takes up too much space, and this is why that it is important to not cluster.

Possessions may be a great tool to learn, to entertain oneself or to act as ornaments, but it is obvious what isn’t needed isn’t needed. What isn't needed or useful shouldn't be held onto, as it won't make use to the person. All it will do is take up needed space.

People always could use what others own, so making use of this can be great help for riding of cluster through selling or giving what is not needed.  This is what makes sites like E-Bay and places that accept donations useful.

The greatest part of getting rid of cluster is extra space to move, even a little more. Everyone needs space to move around, to get exercise and to just be able to get to what is needed to be gotten.

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