Friday, October 22, 2010

Totems: Goat

The good old goat.  A farmyard animal in which I have been lucky enough to have once milked.

Goats haven’t got the best reputation, not seen as gentle by many. But nether the less the power of goat is within the strong head and tough skulls is great, it is a powerful weapon that helps dealing with predators and helps with deal the social role within the herd. But they do have a gentle side despite being a creature of power.

Goats have been the representation of masculinity which may be due to the fact it is the creature itself that represents the Horned God, the Greek god Pan and the Devil himself. The fact that goats are associated with the Devil hasn’t done good for this animal.

Magic and the occult are two things goats are also associated with. Goats interestingly has much history in sacrifice, one that actually on  John Safran vs. God during the Vodou Day of the Dead ceremony. The sacrifice of goats haven’t been just something of Vodou, but of other religious traditions.

Hardships are what goats can bear due to their stability, as goats are the one that slowly keeps moving, passing the hardships set before them.

Goats are also intelligent, and known escape artists known that kick and push fences to try to escape. The ability to escape has meant they can become wild and this may be how feral goats became a severe problem here in Australia. Interestingly, goats can also climb trees.

Offerings to goats can include carrots and weeds. Tips of woody shrubs and trees are also something that can be offered. Clothing and garbage aren’t a suggested offering, due to the fact that goats only eat such things when starving. Take note that goats can be a bit picky about eating, and this is why we can see goats eating a number of things.

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