Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Colour And Number Symbolism

Numbers and colours both have meanings or could be associated with something. White and black are both  represent death, but it depends on what culture you are in on wether black or white is a shade that‘s meaning is death. It is what makes cultures interesting to study, the differences. While people in the west view black cats as unlucky in Japan they are seen as lucky, it is just one of those things two cultures view differently.
Blue, a colour viewed as a representation of sadness and depression. Interestingly, blue is also means calmness, trustworthiness and commitment. While blue is seen as a colour of calmness and trustworthiness it is also seen as a colour that means cold and uncaring.

Green, the colour of the environment and nature, yet also peace, illness and money. In Japan green is of eternal life while China virtue and beauty. Aztec culture thought of green as a royal colour.

Yellow, a colour with the meaning of enlightenment. Optimism and happiness is also what yellow symbolises. Yellow, in China at least, is the colour of the emperors. In the five elements, yellow is the colour of the element of earth. The Aztec’s viewed yellow as the colour of food, while in Greece yellow is of sadness while jealously in France.

Orange, whose tells of warmth and energy. Symbolises creativity along as the national colour of the Netherlands. In both China and Japan, orange symbolizes happiness and love.
Red, said to be the exciting colour, being of love yet also aggression. Red is of beauty, while in China it is the colour of the element fire, the direction south, the season of summer, and of good luck and fortune. In Aztec culture red is for blood.

Purple, the colour of the royals and is of mysticism. Roman Emperor’s was referred as ‘The Purple’ due to the coloured cape he wore, which was appropriately purple in itself. In Japan, purple signifies wealth and position while in Egypt virtue and faith.

Brown, the natural colour that is all organic. It is that reliable colour so connected with the earth, but in India brown is the colour of mourning.

1 is of unity and is the first. A number that is whole and complete, of the positive and pure.

2 is of balance and duality, the number that is equal. 2 tells of partnership and communication, of Yin and Yang.

3 is thought of as creative, of a trinity. It is the number of advantages. 3 represents the past, the present and the future. A number of positive, negative and neutral.

4 is of loyalty, order and being practical. Of being responsible and even tempered. 4 is the number that is stable and patient, but also the number of death.

5, the lucky number of the five elements. Of curiosity, knowledge and the experienced. 5 is a number of travelling and adventure.

6 tells of the symbolism of harmony. The number of marriage and love, but also longevity.

7 gives us the symbolism of luck and of the philosopher, the sage. 7 is also of mystery.

8, another lucky number. But also of achievement, success and wealth. In China, eight tells that anything is possible.

9, of wisdom and artistic, all knowing and otherworldly. A number of the power of the intellect and is a highly lucky number.

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