Friday, October 29, 2010

Totems: Elephant

The totem I am doing is one which is pictured in my profile image, the elephant. A powerful creature with wisdom, a creature I have an odd interest in stemming from once hearing that they can get personality disorders just like humans. Elephants are revered for good reason, but also feared due to how dangerous they can be.

The strength these creatures have is amazing and a lesson to be learnt from the elephant totem. They can fight off lions with their size but also with their powerful trunks, but strength cannot be alone for fighting. It is wisdom and intellect that also helps in the long run, and this is two lessons the elephant teaches. Elephants are indeed intelligent, thought to be one of the worlds most intelligent species (interestingly, possibly as intelligent as humans).

Loyalty and commitment is seen within elephants towards friends, family and partners. They will protect other elephants when in need, even risking their own lives for the sake of another. When a member of the herd dies, they will be mourn just like people. If a herd walks over a spot in which a member of the family died they will pause and show signs of mourning. Truly, that is loyalty to one’s own family.

Elephant totems are thought as indications of the influence of sexuality and fertility, even a sign of a large sex drive seeing as elephants are a symbol of a large libido.

When offering to the elephant one should take note that they are herbivorous. Such things that can be offered are fruit and vegetables, but take note that peanuts, leaves, grass and even tree bark may be preferred offerings.

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